The Elliptical Movement Of The Earth Around The Sun

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Elliptical Movement Of The Earth

The around the Sun

Today we explore I heard The around the Sun. These are the words I heard recently as I puzzled over the paths of the sun in two selected locations on the planet.

If I interpret clearly the variations in the sun positions between Kingstown and New York, it appears that both cities are simultanelously moving in different directions around the sun.

If that is not the interpretation, then we would have to say that there are two suns. Obviously, this is silly.

I asked myself if the sort of pivots back and forth in slices. Is that possible?

To make matters worse, New York and Kingstown are both located Easterly. If the neatly revolves to , they should both move together.

Why aren’t they rotating together?

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Table 1 – Variations In Sun Positions Between New York And Kingstown On May 19th 2022

elliptical movement of the sun

Figure 1 – Kingstown Rotated North While New York Rotated South On May 19th, 2022

elliptical movement of earth

Does the have anything to do with this phenomenon?

The revolves around the sun in an ELLIPTICAL and not circular rotation. But what is an elliptical orbit?

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