The Dream Visions Of Enoch

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The Dream Visions Of

The Dream Visions Of are contained in the Book of : Chapters 83 -90. The Dream Visions Of Enoch cover a fascinating panorama of human history.

Thanks to Enoch, We learn about and understand ancient historical events including the Flood, Noah’s protection, Adam and , Cain and Abel, the fall of Angels, punishment of the fallen angels and more.

Highlights of the Dream Visions Of Enoch

First Dream-Vision on the Deluge – Book of Enoch: Chapter 83.

Enoch blessed God – Book of Enoch: Chapter 84.

The Second Dream-Vision of Enoch: the History of the World to the Founding of the Messianic Kingdom – Book of Enoch: Chapters 85 – 90.

Adam, , Cain and Abel – Book of Enoch: Chapter 85.

The Fall of the Angels and the Demoralization of Mankind – Book of Enoch Chapter 86.

The Advent of the seven Archangels, one of whom translates Enoch into Heaven – Book of Enoch: Chapter 87.

The Punishment of the Fallen Angels by the Archangels – Book of Enoch: Chapter 88.

The Deluge and the Deliverance of Noah – Book of Enoch: Chapter 89.

Third Period–from Alexander the Great to the Graeco-Syrian Domination – Book of Enoch: Chapter 90.

Book of Enoch: Chapters 83

First Dream-Vision on the Deluge.

1. And now, my son Methuselah, I will show thee all my visions which I have seen, recounting them before thee.

2. Two visions I saw before I took a wife, and the one was quite unlike the other: the first when I was learning to write: the second before I took thy mother, (when) I saw a terrible vision.

And regarding them I prayed to the .

3. I had laid me down in the house of my grandfather Mahalalel, (when) I saw in a vision how the heaven collapsed and was borne off and fell to the earth.

4. And when it fell to the earth I saw how the earth was swallowed up in a great abyss,

and mountains were suspended on mountains, and hills sank down on hills,

and high trees were rent from their stems, and hurled down and sunk in the abyss.

5. And thereupon a word fell into my mouth, and I lifted up (my voice) to cry aloud, and said: ‘The earth is destroyed.’

6. And my grandfather Mahalalel waked me as I lay near him, and said unto me: ‘Why dost thou cry so, my son, and why dost thou make such lamentation?’

7. And I recounted to him the whole vision which I had seen, and he said unto me:

‘A terrible thing hast thou seen, my son, and of grave moment is thy dream-vision as to the secrets of all the sin of the earth:

it must sink into the abyss and be destroyed with a great destruction.

8. And now, my son, arise and make petition to the of glory, since thou art a believer, that a remnant may remain on the earth, and that He may not destroy the whole earth.

9. My son, from heaven all this will come upon the earth, and upon the earth there will be great destruction.

10. After that I arose and prayed and implored and besought, and wrote down my prayer for the generations of the world, and I will show everything to thee, my son Methuselah.

11. And when I had gone forth below and seen the heaven, and the sun rising in the east, and the setting in the west, and a few stars, and the whole earth, and everything as †He had known† it in the beginning,

then I blessed the of judgement and Him because He had made the sun to go forth from the windows of the east,

and he ascended and rose on the face of the heaven, and set out and kept traversing the path shown unto him.

The charge given to Methuselah

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