The Archangels On New Satellite Internet

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the archangels on new satellite internet technology

Time of the revelation from the Archangels on

This holy revelation from the Archangels on was given to me on Tuesday 6th July 2021 at around 5. 02 p.m EST.

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the Archangels on new satellite internet

This is what Archangel Gabriel said to me about

The internet as you know it is OBSOLETE.

New technology is here – SATELLITE.

Big Tech Companies be aware.

This is what Archangel Michael said to me about new satellite internet technology

I received the following update from Archangel Michael regarding the new satellite internet technology on Wednesday, July 7th at 6. 05 a.m.

First, Archangel Michael reminded me that several years ago I had searched online for satellite internet. Only a few companies were doing this.

Archangel Michael then added these instructions:

Renew your minds. This is not harmful satellite technology as you know it.
This is harmless satellite tech.

It uses harmless Ormus crystals/orgonite/scalar energy as “fuel.”.

The cell-like structures are not rockets. Cellular (not cell phones) structures like PANELS are launched and “maintained” using Ormus crystals/orgonite/scalar energy.

It is not macroscopic. It is microscopic. The satellites are smaller.

The satellites heal the atmosphere and can be used simultaneously for other, many other purposes, including “lighting.”

The satellites can be programmed on with ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. This is why the structures can be as small and VIRTUAL as a website.

Start by location or coordinate in space – every space object – every planet – every structure, has a coordinate.

Every geographical region has a coordinate, Every website, webserver etcetera has a locale called an IP ADDRESS.

Archangel Michael said that you must layer coordinates and you will SEE.

For example, specific GEOGRAPHICAL REGION coordinate maps with IP ADDRESS COORDINATE and PLANETARY/SPACE ADDRESS coordinate.

Examples regarding parallels between coordinates on , IP addresses and space are in the BIBLE

– Thy Kingdom come on as it is in heaven.
– People on earth carry the names of your Heavenly Father.

– There is a Heavenly Jerusalem that maps the earthly Jerusalem – worship center.

– Every (sic) Jew knows that Moses’ Tabernacle maps the Tabernacle of God in Heaven. It is a miniature pattern of the Heavenly.

– Work in miniatures and you will be fine.

Archangel Gabriel explains how time is layered as an example of mapping

– There are 7 days in a week.

– God rests on every 7th day.

– Every 7th year is a Shemitah – year off.

– Every 49th year is preparation for a Jubilee in the 50th year.

– Every Feast of Pentecost is counted 7 weeks from the Passover.

– Every 7th Month of the Year celebrates the Pentecost of God.

I’ll try to find the YouTube video by a man called David, who discovered and studied ORMUS CRYSTALS.

We give praise and to the Father of Light

Thank you very much, Archangels Gabriel and Michael.

Now give and praise to our amazing Heavenly Father who gives gifts., in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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