Summary Of The Law Of The Luminaries

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About the summary of the of the luminaries.

The summary of the of the luminaries is documented in the Book of Enoch Chapters 79 – 80. The chapters include the following content:

Recapitulation of several of the Laws.
Perversion of Nature and the heavenly Bodies owning to the Sin of Men.

Book of Enoch Chapter 79.

Recapitulation of several of the Laws.

1. And now, my son, I have shown thee everything, and the of all the stars of the is completed.

2. And he showed me all the laws of these for every day, and for every season of bearing rule, and for every year, and for its going forth, and for the order prescribed to it every month and every week:

3. And the waning of the moon which takes place in the sixth portal: for in this sixth portal her light is accomplished, and after that there is the beginning of the waning:

4. 〈And the waning〉 which takes place in the first portal in its season, till one hundred and seventy-seven days are accomplished: reckoned according to weeks, twenty-five (weeks) and two days.

5. She falls behind and the order of the stars exactly five days in the course of one period, and when this place which thou seest has been traversed.

6. Such is the picture and sketch of every luminary which Uriel the archangel, who is their leader, showed unto me.

Summary Of The Law Of The Luminaries

Book of Enoch Chapter 80.

1. And in those days the angel Uriel answered and said to me:

‘Behold, I have shown thee everything, Enoch, and I have revealed everything to thee that thou shouldst see this sun and this moon,

and the of the stars of the and all those who turn them, their tasks and times and departures.

Perversion of Nature and the heavenly Bodies owning to the Sin of Men.

2. And in the days of the sinners the years shall be shortened,
And their seed shall be tardy on their lands and fields,
And all things on the earth shall alter,

And shall not appear in their time:
And the rain shall be kept back
And the shall withhold (it).

3. And in those times the shall be backward,
And shall not grow in their time,
And the fruits of the trees shall be withheld in their time.

4. And the moon shall alter her order,
And not appear at her time.

5. [And in those days shall be seen and he shall journey in the evening †on the extremity of the great chariot† in the west]
And shall shine more brightly than accords with the order of light.

6. And many chiefs of the stars shall transgress the order (prescribed).
And these shall alter their orbits and tasks,
And not appear at the seasons prescribed to them.

7. And the whole order of the stars shall be concealed from the sinners,
And the thoughts of those on the earth shall err concerning them,

[And they shall be altered from all their ways],
Yea, they shall err and take them to be gods.

8. And evil shall be multiplied upon them,
And punishment shall come upon them So as to destroy all.’


Waning of the moon.

Sun and moon cycles: Book of Enoch Audio.

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