Continents In The Book Of Enoch

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Enoch the Apostle wrote about continents in Chapter 76: 8

“Seven great islands I saw in the sea and on the earth.
Seven in the great sea.”
Book of Enoch

World Atlas on Continents as written in the Book of Enoch

There are seven continents in the world:

North America.
South America.
Australia/Oceania. (World Atlas, 2021).

About the

The Book of Enoch is an ancient text written by a man called Enoch. He was born in the year 622.

Enoch was the son of Jared, who was the son of:

– Mahaleel (395 – 1290).
– Cainan (370 – 1261).
– Enos (235 – 1140).
– Seth (130 – 1042).
– Adam (1 – 930). (PPP Ministries, 2010).

Enoch loved very much. He spent his early years as a ruler in the earth and was very influential. During his reigh, he was sought after by world leaders since he taught the ways of righteousness. He also taught them about eternal life.

Enoch lost interest in human affairs and spent much of his time secluded in his house, seeking in prayer. began to translate him into the Heavens.

During these translations, he was absent from the earth. He was shown many amazing things about the earth. Some of these revelations included:

– The first humans Adam, , Abel and .
– The murder of Abel by his brother .
– History of and outcomes of fallen angels.
– The impending Flood that would destroy the earth.
– Science including:
– Astronomy.
– Seasons.
– Lunar cycles.
– Solar cycles.
– Satans and demons.
– The life of the nation of Israel.
– and much, much more.

Enoch was commanded by God to preserve this book for future generations. His writings place many things about earth and the invisible realm in perspective. Every earth citizen should read this book.

Read the Book of Enoch with hyperlinks to all of the subdivisions.

The Book Of Enoch The Apostle tells the revelation of:

Future World Events and more.
Early Earth History.
Fallen Angels.
Adam And .
The Flood.

continents in the book of enoch

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