Book Of Enoch Chapter 12: The Watchers Of Heaven Assign Enoch

Book Of Enoch Chapter 12: the Watchers of Heaven assign Enoch

Before these things Enoch was hidden, and no one of the children of men knew where he was

hidden, and where he abode, and what had become of him. And his activities had to do with the Watchers, and his days were with the holy ones.

And I Enoch was blessing the Lord of majesty and the King of the ages, and lo! the Watchers

called me --Enoch the scribe-- and said to me: 'Enoch, thou scribe of righteousness, go, declare to the Watchers of the heaven who have left the high heaven, the holy eternal place, and have defiled themselves with women, and have done as the children of earth do, and have taken unto themselves

wives: "Ye have wrought great destruction on the earth: And ye shall have no peace nor forgiveness

of sin: and inasmuch as they delight themselves in their children, The murder of their beloved ones shall they see, and over the destruction of their children shall they lament, and shall make supplication unto eternity, but mercy and peace shall ye not attain."'

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